Diabetic Foot & Wound Management Centre

                Dr. Morshed Uddin Akand  PhD, MBBS(DMC) Podiatrist (Diabetic Foot) & Plastic Surgeon BIRDEM General Hospital. Shahbag, Dhaka.  Bangladesh.   -: Chamber :- Spectrum Newlife Hospital 25/A-B, Green Road, Dhanmondi Dhaka,  Bangladesh.  

Diabetic Footcare & Check Up

DR. MORSHED UDDIN AKAND. MBBS(DMC), PhD Podiatrist (Diabetic Foot) & Plastic Surgeon BIRDEM General Hospital. Shahbag, Dhaka-1000. Chamber – New Life Hospital 25/A, Green Road, Dhanmondi, Dhaka. ————————————————————————– Thanks for choosing us to be your foot and wound care specialists.We are passionate about the total well being of our patients and will work closely with […]

Diabetic Complications & Amputation Prevention

People with diabetes are prone to having foot problems, often because of two complications of diabetes: nerve damage (neuropathy) and poor circulation. Neuropathy causes loss of feeling in your feet, taking away your ability to feel pain and discomfort, so you may not detect an injury or irritation. Poor circulation in your feet reduces your […]

Ankle Arthritis

Arthritis is a general term for a group of more than 100 diseases. “Arthritis” means “joint inflammation.” When it affects the ankle joint it can produce swelling and pain, and may eventually result in deformity, loss of joint function, and decreased ability to walk. The most common form of ankle arthritis is osteoarthritis. For more […]

Ankle Fractures

What Is an Ankle Fracture? A fracture is a partial or complete break in a bone. Fractures in the ankle can range from the less serious avulsion injuries (small pieces of bone that have been pulled off) to severe shattering-type breaks of the tibia, fibula, or both. Ankle fractures are common injuries that are most often […]